Fatherhood symposium set for June 12

The Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood, a state board established in 2004 to promote paternal involvement – particularly by single and divorced fathers – in the upbringing of their children, will present its 2021 annual symposium on Saturday, June 12, from 1:30-4:30 p.m.

The symposium will be conducted via Zoom, and available to everyone in the state.

The lineup of speakers includes leading figures in sports, law, advocacy, law enforcement, religion, health and politics.

“This symposium each year puts the focus on the important work we do to support and promote fathers, whose value in raising children cannot be overestimated,” says ICRF Chairman Jeffery M. Leving.

The intended audience is social workers, child welfare workers, family counselors, lawyers involved in matrimonial and family law, educators, politicians and policy makers, clergy, academics, child development experts, juvenile justice workers and interested members of the general public. The event is free and will be available to the public.

To register for this important event, please email your name, address and phone number to Jennifer Whiteside at Jwhiteside@LevingLaw.com. -30-